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It was all just a dream, nothing is real, I imagined it all. No weapons of mass destruction, no roadmap, no Palestinian state, no withdrawal from Gaza, no links between Al Qaeda and Saddam. Wait that one is real, Rumsfield said so, no wait, he said there wasn't a proven link, oh, wait, he was misquoted. And so was Weisglass. There is a roadmap. Possibly a God too. And the Qassam rocket might have been a stretcher but it probably was a missile.

"Yes we were wrong", but it doesn't matter because if we hadn't done what we did then the world would have been a dangerous place (and it's safe now of course). And there is no outcry over almost a hundred Palestinians killed in a week because they are not grateful little arabs and didn't all jump and down with joy over the Gaza pullout and kept firing missiles at the nice guys. It doesn't matter that what is left isn't worth having or that the bit that is worth having isn't going to to be theirs either, but listen you ungrateful Arabs, what's with you?

Keep dreaming


James Miller: Inquest Delay
It's amazing how long it takes Israel to investigate a death at the hands of an Israeli. It seems to take them no time at all to decide a Palestinian is a "wanted man" and to assassinate him extra-judicially.......

Because Jewish Israelis NEVER kill civilians
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