idf_officer (idf_officer) wrote in anti_zionists,

You cant change anything...

By my name u can see i serve in the IDF, as an officer.
So u can also guess i am a zionist, i just wanted to say that all u do here is useless,
theres no such thing "say NO" the "YES" happened long ago, we have a jewish \ zionist state - israel
what are u saying "No" to exactly? it exists, and u cant change anything.
u need to understand, the reason for the posts and this "community" is your own building up anger,
and above all, your lack of ability to do anything about it :]
u see, u sit there at home, post anti zionists posts on the internet, but bottom line; u guys are small people, u cant change anything, neither will u effect anything, israel stand firm, and forever will stand,
call it theft, call it murder, call it cruelty, call it what u will, u need to understand; people in israel... they dont give a f*** about world's opinion, well, at least not of the small people's opinion, like you guys, MAX u can do is effect some random people's opinion, but that wont change anything, you are still too weak to do anything, even if u sound your complains, we simply dont care :]
we will occupy till terror stops, and we will shot to kill at any armed person, israel will not tolerate terror, i love my country, i will protect it, and theres nothing the little palestinian refugee can do about it, nor can u...
u see, the real war is out there, far from u, in the middle east, gaza strip, west bank, why dont u come here and say NO to zionism hot shots? ;)
your war is internet war, post war, USELESS war... u cant, and never will change anything in real life this way, sorry to tell u in case u didnt notice, we dont care about world's opinion... if we ever listen its because of support interests and arms deals... and we listen to people like presidents, leaders, not common people, your protests are useless, and they dont do anything but stating your possition, which again... changes nothing in real life...

By actually "breaking" the zionisem, u say the country of israel should sease to exsist, it cant happen... and it wont happen, as i said, israel has its rots far deep in the ground and is standing FIRM, no arab country in the middle east can even scratch us before we would turn it into ash, and they are more than welcome to try our military power.
to every resistance, we will find an answer, and if this answer is killing everything that takes up a weapon to shot at us, than so be it...
as i said, u can call me bastard, murderer or whatever u want to call me, as long as u keep in the back of your mind, that WE DONT F*** CARE :]

have a good day :)
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