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Challenging ideas

I just got back from hearing Arun Gandhi speak.  This dude totally rocks.  Most recently, he's been to the Occupied Areas, and the presentation that he gave today was on his efforts to bring nonviolence methods of resistance - and he also talked a lot on what the Israelis are doing .  His maps showing all the illeagal settlements, the check points, the abuse against the children - it's horrifying.  He told us that he's still getting death threats and other kinds of hate mail from Jews, and it's been over a month since his visit - and his only message was "stop killing each other."


His talk was indescribably powerful.  I have to admit that I'm challenged by his words.  "Justice is not revenge."  he said.  Retaliation, no matter how grevious the act that caused it, is never justified.


That's a hard pill to swallow.  I'm a very "eye for an eye" kinda gal.  But there is much wisdom in what he has to say.  I must work on this.

I had a chance to talk with him afterwards, and I'm already regreting that I wasted my questions on U.S. politics and Israel's control of U.S. pop culture - the answers he gave were what I already knew to be true - when the one question I'm really dying to ask him is:  How is nonviolence different from inaction?  How can you just stand by and let people do bad things?   However, I suspect that those answers are in his and his grandfathers' writings. 

I predict a sudden change in my reading list coming on.




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