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I have recently stumbled on this community and after reading a few entries, I thought that I should reitirate what's going on here. The members of this group are obviously antizionists. This means they do not support the existence or the notion of a Jewish state, which was fulfilled with the state of Israel in the region formerly known as Palestine. Reasons for opposing zionism are many. Some oppose it because they believe a Palestinian civilization has been displaced, some believe zionism is racist, and some are plainly anti-Semitic (I pray this one doesn't apply to most in the group).

Now let me be the first to say that I have no problem with the creation of the state of Palestine in the West Bank and Gaza. I am a full supporter of that, but this is not the issue here. The issue here is the existence and idea of Israel, a Jewish state. I will try to refrain from using semi-detailed "facts" because I know a lot of members of this group probably have other "facts" or will use the same "fact" to "disprove" me. And I don't want to get into a discussion of sources and numbers because it is all trivial and besides the point anyway.

Here is zionism in a nutshell as I hope everyone sees it and how the first Zionists would see it: The Jewish state of Israel was created out of a necessity for a Jewish homeland as a response to European (especically Eastern European) anti-Semitism. The chosen location for this Jewish state was in the region formerly known as Palestine because it is the only place on Earth that all Jews have some sort of historical connection.

So my question to the anti-zionists is, "What is the problem?" So you might say, but they are kicking out innocent Palestinians and by making it a Jewish state, it is racist against all non-Jewish people. I won't even go into these arguments because that is not the point of this entry. All I am asking is what's wrong with ending anti-Semitism and furthermore, in the context of when Zionism became a fervent ideology (i.e. the late 19th century), what other choice was there for the Jews. Could it be the East African Uganda territory which Britain offered after the pogroms of 1903? Israel Zangwill thought so. But then, let's think, how can a Jewish nation survive if there is absolutely no connection to the land it is stationed on. The area of Palestine is the only homeland there is for the Jews. That's where the history is, that's where the culture began!

So to sum it all up, just realize that zionism is not meant to be racist. It is quite the contrary. Zionism is meant to be humanitarian, to give a homeland for perhaps the most consistently persecuted people to ever walk the Earth.
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