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Megaphone (Using Zion's Tools Against It)

Many are wondering how Israel's relatively recent invasion of Lebanon received such high ratings in unofficial internet polls despite widely publicized reports of collective punishment, infrastructure demolition, WP (White Phosphorus) use and civilian causalities.

This is due to a devious application called Megaphone.
Megaphone is produced by a zionist organization known as "GIYUS" (Give Israel Your Support), an organization funded by Israeli students and endorsed by the US-backed zion government.

Pro-zionists use this tool to publish alerts about opinion polls, articles, etc having to do with the illegal state. Users of this freeware are hyperlinked directly to the media in question.

Naturally, this causes polls to become extremely lopsided in favor of Zion and pro-Zionist interests.

I recommend downloading this app and using it against them. Be sure to carefully avoid clicking on "VOTE NOW" (Crafty zionists made the program auto-select the pro-zion option in order to prevent exactly the right decision)

Download megaphone now

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